Sakuracon and Anime Matsuri this Weekend!

Spring is in the air, even though most of us are currently still freezing, but that can only mean one thing… SAKURACON!

That’s right guys, it’s time for a weekend with all our favorite Pacific Northwest fans at SakuraCon, taking place this Friday through Sunday, March 29th-31st at the Washington State Convention Center. We will be bringing the party with two rad Industry Panels, Friday at 4pm and Saturday at 12pm, wedged in between all the PSYCHO goodness going on all weekend long.

If you’re sad that the simulcast of PSYCHO-PASS—one of the most thought-provoking anime in recent history, from the mind behind Puella Magi Madoka Magica –is over, never fear: FUNimation Entertainment is bringing you a weekend full of inspectors, enforcers and (most importantly) the creators of PSYCHO-PASS. Join Chief Director Katsuyuki Motohiro, Director Naoyoshi Shiotani, and Producer Joji Wada to learn more about bringing Gen Urobuchi’s unique vision to life.

On Friday you’ll get your first shot at meeting all three guests at their 4 p.m. Q&A session. There will be two more opportunities to meet the PSYCHO-PASS directors on Saturday, starting with the directors panel (with Atsuko Ishizuka) at 11 a.m. and then at the PSYCHO-PASS panel at 2:00 p.m. Autograph sessions will take place at 4 p.m. Friday and 5 p.m. Saturday. FUNimation is also presenting a very special chance to meet these anime industry leaders at the PSYCHO-PARTY—but space is extremely limited. You can win entry into this exclusive event at the cosplay gathering, our Saturday morning industry panel, or by paying VERY close attention to our Twitter @FUNimation on Saturday!

You can stop by booths 427 and 429 for all your DVD/Blu-ray anime needs! We will have hot-off-the-presses copies of Toriko Course 3, A Certain Scientific Railgun parts 1&2, and Shakugan no Shana Season 3 part 1&2. Spend $50 or more and get a 4-pack of snazzy FUNimation buttons, and don’t think we don’t have some RAD exclusive gift with purchase for ya. We went into the way-back machine and snagged some VERY RARE Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Heaven coins (you might remember these from Anime Expo and Otakon last year) as a very, very special gift when you pick up a copy of Panty & Stocking on Blu-ray this weekend. We have a very limited quantity of these available, so make sure you come early. If your Panty & Stocking Blu-ray is part of a purchase of $150 or more, you can snag an ALSO SUPER RARE Panty & Stocking shirt. We only have a couple of these in limited sizes, so shop early! In addition to the Panty & Stocking swag, we will also have awesome goodies like Is This A Zombie? shirts, Steins;Gate pins, A Certain Magical Index and Serial Experiments Lain magnets, and exclusive import One Piece gachapons, all FREE with the purchase of their corresponding titles.

Can you handle the goodness?! We know you can:) Can’t wait to see you all there!

But, that’s not the only convention we’re hitting up this weekend! FUNimation will also have a presence at Anime Matsuri in Houston, TX. This is the first time that FUNimation will be at Anime Matsuri, and we’re super excited to be part of it this year. We’ve got three panels this weekend, and be sure to stop by our booth in the dealer’s room to say “hi!”

Friday – 7pm – Panel Room 2
FUNimation Sneak Peeks – See some of the latest and greatest titles from FUNimation. We’ll show you clips from upcoming and recently released anime. WARNING: May contain large explosions and bouncing boobs.

Saturday – 8pm – Panel Room 2
FUNimation Industry Panel – Come and find out what’s going on with FUNimation, North America’s leading distributor of anime. News, information, Q&A, and maybe even some prizes. Stick around to find out

Sunday – 12pm – Panel Room 1
The Anime Biz: Is it Right for You? – Looking for a job in anime that’s NOT voice acting? So were we! Until we got hired. Hear from actual employees of FUNimation on what it takes to get anime into your home. From licensing to graphic design and everything in between, see if you have what it takes to be in the anime biz.

Rojas will be at Sakuracon for Thursday and Friday and then flying down to Houston to Anime Matsuri for the rest of the weekend. He’s going to be earning his miles this weekend. If you find him curled up in a corner unconscious from fatigue, please make sure that he’s breathing…