San Gatsu no Madness 2013

EDIT: San Gatsu no Madness is over! The winner is Fullmetal Alchemist!

It’s that time of year again. That’s right, if you’ve been a FUNimation fan for a while, then you’re familiar with our annual San Gatsu no Madness tournament. Instead of filling out a bracket for a bunch of basketball teams that you probably don’t care about (and believe me, this year’s Big Dance is not really that amazing looking anyways) we put our anime titles in a head-to-head epic elimination match.

We’re going to be doing things a bit differently this year, and instead of filling out an entire bracket in one go, we’re going to have you vote for your favorites in each match using this nifty bracket app. This will also be done in 5 rounds. You’ll pick your winning titles for the first round and then once the round is over and the victors have been declared, you’ll vote again for the next round, and so on and so forth until the losers are eliminated and a supreme champion has been chosen. Here are the dates you need to remember:

March 19th – Round 1 starts
March 25th – Round 1 ends, Round 2 starts
March 29th – Round 2 ends, Round 3 starts
April 1st – Round 3 ends, Round 4 starts
April 5th – Round 4 ends, Final round starts
April 8th – Final round ends

After each round, we’ll be selecting one winner at random from among the entries. That winner will receive one of the five anime prize packages shown below.


  • Round 1 Winner – Wade Nelms (picked the Black Butler/FMA prize)
  • Round 2 Winner – Aundre Winter (picked the One Piece prize)
  • Round 3 Winner – Matthew Joiner (picked the Fairy Tail prize)
  • Round 4 Winner – John Walsh (picked the DBZ prize)
  • Final Round Winner – Danielle Suira (Hetalia prize)

This tournament runs from now until the end of March Madness (April 8th). Even if you didn’t vote in the first round, you still have a chance to vote in subsequent rounds. Just make sure you keep checking back.

Click here to see the official rules.