Bunny Girl Twitter Contest Winner

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Easter is over and sadly so is our bunny girl twitter contest. and the winner is…@c1amp512! Congratulations to you.

Here are a few of our favorite replies to the contest question, “Which anime character would be that much better if they were wearing a bunny girl costume and why?”


  • @cookiepirate32 – Revy from Black Lagoon. Her signature tattoo and bunny ears would be hot!
  • @ihearthp59 – Nami would make the best #animebunnygirl because Sanji’s reaction would be priceless
  • @retrodragon – Sebastian from Black Butler, simply because he can do anything and make it look
  • @thewalkingmik – Excalibur. As he shows off his bunny outfit – characters mouths agape.
  • @cabnboyy – Ryoko. Tenchi would have chosen sooner if Ryoko was a bunny!
  • @the trades – Can we vote for the entire cast of #SEKIREI
  • @neosword – Definitely Holo because then she’d be a Bunny/Wolf/Goddess/Girl, and that’d be hilarious!
  • @postedbydl – bunny girl Crona would be better because her childhood trauma makes you want to hug her
  • @Toshironoronin – Charlotte E. Yeager from Strike Witches. Why? For the irony.
  • @rickyrickyton – Blair from soul eater. Why? She already looks great in a witch costume imagine as a bunny
  • @pretty cranium – Would it be weird if I said Edward Elric?
  • @heligolands – There is only one answer. Mizuki Himeji.

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