FUNimation's 2013 Spring Simulcast Schedule

Our 2013 spring simulcast schedule is complete! Below you will find all of our currently streaming simulcasts along with their dates and times.

  Attack on Titan
Sun @ 11:00am ET (EVS)
Following Sun @1:00pm ET (Non-EVS)
  A Certain Scientific Railgun S
Sun @ 11:30am ET
Mon @ 1:30pm ET
  Red Data Girl
Wed @ 1:00pm ET
  Date A Live
Fri @ 1:30pm ET
  Hetalia: The Beautiful World
Fri @ 3:00pm ET
  The Devil is a Part-Timer
Fri @ 3:30pm ET
  One Piece
Sat @ 10:00pm ET

Attack on Titan will be available to Elite Video Subscribers first and then the episode will be available for FREE to non-subscribers the following Sunday at 1pm ET. All of the other simulcasts are available immediately for non-subscribers.

To sign up for your FREE 14 Elite Video Subscription membership, go to

The majority of our simulcasts are also available on Hulu! So, be sure to check them out there as well.