May the Fourth be with You – Anime Edition


Tomorrow is May the 4th, and Star Wars fans all over will be celebrating this pun-tastic day. It’s no secret that we have a few rabid Star Wars fans here in the office, so we thought we’d join in on the May the Fourth festivities–anime style.


Below you will find a list of Star Wars references from a few of our shows. Take a look and see if you caught the references the first time you watched them.


  • The Princess Jellyfish opening (see video above) has a slew of pop culture references, including one from Star Wars. Can you identify all the pop culture references?
  • In Tenchi Muyo! Tenchi’s sword not only looks and acts like a light saber, it sounds like one too.
  • Episode 27 of Shin-chan is a hilarious parody of Star Wars, it’s even titled “Shin Wars.” You canclick this link to watch it now.
  • Dragon Ball – After Colonel Silver, a high ranking officer of the Red Ribbon Army, kills a shopkeeper that was selling a fake dragon ball he says “Boring conversation anyway” much like Han Solo does inA New Hope.
  • Dragon Ball Z – Frieza’s spaceship has a very Bacta tank-like containment pod.
  • In Summer Wars, Kazma can be seen fighting an avatar that’s a samurai suit wielding a light saber.
  • Pani Poni Dash! episode 20, A Wise Man Will Know Not To Approach Danger, has various characters and vehicles from Star Wars Episode III in the opening scene. You can watch it by clicking this link.
  • In Slayers, Gourry uses a weapon called the Sword of Light, which is also pretty much a light saber.
  • Excel Saga episode 2, The Woman from Mars, has a Star Wars like opening crawl. You can watch it by clicking this link. The Puchuu ship in the episode also strongly resembles a Star Destroyer.
  • There have also been some comparisons made between Yu Yu Hakusho and Star Wars. Luke and Yusuke seem to have a lot in common. A somewhat tenuous comparison, so what do you think? Do you agree?


Well, that’s what we could come up with! We think it’s a pretty exhaustive list, but there’s a possibility we missed one or two things. Let us know if you can think of any more Star Wars references. May the Fourth Be With You!