Marooned on One Piece Island

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We at FUNimation try to create new and exciting ways to get you all closer and more involved with the anime you love. We think this event might be our craziest yet.

With One Piece returning to Toonami this Saturday at 1:00 am ET, we wanted to do something over the top to celebrate its return.

So starting at 5pm CT today our ‘host with the most’ from The FUNimation Show, Scott Porter, will be locked in a room at the FUNimation office and will not be let back out until he has watched every episode of One Piece up to episode #207, where Toonami is starting off on Saturday.

Yes, that will take the rest of the week (until late Saturday actually). Yes, we know it’s insane – that’s why it’s awesome!!!

We will have a live stream over at our FUNimation Live YouTube page of Scott locked in the room watching One Piece going 24-hours a day. The camera will even be going when he sleeps*. He will be interacting with all of you via our the live stream chat and our other social sites.

Scott’s guest visitation schedule:

Wednesday 5/15
10am – Eric Vale, Voice of Sanji
1pm – Duncan Brannan, Voice of Mr. 3 & various
6pm – Robert McCollum, Voice of Don Quixote Doflamingo & various
12am – Sonny Strait, Voice of Usopp

Thursday 5/16
3pm – Colleen Clinkenbeard, Voice of Monkey D. Luffy
8:30pm – Brina Palencia, Voice of Tony Tony Chopper

Friday 5/17
11:30am – ScrewAttack (
1pm – Stephanie Young, Voice of Nico Robin
5pm – Chris Sabat, Voice of Zoro
6pm – Mike McFarland, ADR Director
7:30pm – OnePiecePodcast (via Skype)

There will also be a chance to win One Piece prizes throughout the broadcast, so be sure to stay tuned to and all the FUNimation social sites for updates.

Here’s the live video below.

*We are letting him sleep (a little) during this event since otherwise this could kill him or at the very least mess him up so much that he won’t be able to tell the difference between a glass of water and a penguin.

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