Rock the Dragon Collector’s Set Coming to DVD

Remember way back in the late 90s when you and your friends ran home after school and turned on Toonami to catch the newest episode of Dragon Ball Z? Remember rocking out to that awesome opening theme?

Dragon! Dragon! Rock the Dragon!
Dragon Ball Z!

Yes, there have been previous releases of Dragon Ball Z, but they didn’t contain the opening that we all grew up watching, and a lot of fans have told us that they want it. Well, finally, 15 years after first airing on Toonami, Dragon Ball Z will be available in an awesome DVD Collector’s Edition that features all 53 episodes of the original U. S. television broadcast with the Canadian cast (Ocean Dub) and the epic opening theme, “Rock the Dragon!”

With the Dragon Ball Z: Rock the Dragon Collector’s Edition all you DBZ fans out there can relive over 650 minutes of action-packed Saiyan awesome!

But the trip down memory lane doesn’t stop there. Each collector’s edition comes with a 48-page color book that showcases the history and characters of DBZ that helped transform the show into the cultural icon that it is today! This edition also includes three DBZ movies: Dead Zone, Tree of Might and the World’s Strongest.

This is the ultimate anime DVD collector’s set for you guys that grew up with Dragon Ball Z! Available on August 20, 2013, you can pre-order your copy now.