New Release Tuesday – Appleseed XIII

The stunning Appleseed XIII is now available on BD/DVD Combo! This release is offered in a rigid Limited Edition box. If you want it, better order it now because once these are gone, they’re gone for good.

In the wake of destruction from a worldwide non-nuclear war, the city of Olympus has become the control center of the world. As humanity adopts biological enhancements in attempts to achieve perfection, a terrorist organization uprises to prevent what could be the eventual extinction of the human race. Two former LAPD SWAT members join a special mech-piloting, military force to take down the leader of the terrorist organization.

Also available today, we have Birdy the Mighty: Decode in our Super Amazing Value Edition and Phantom – Requiem for the Phantom – the Complete Series on Blu-ray and DVD also in our SAVE line.

As a special treat, we’re holding a Twitter contest to celebrate Birdy’s anime Blu-ray and DVD release. In the series, Tsutomu Senkawa has to share a body with the sexy, ass-kicking, alien-fighting space police agent Birdy. So we want to know, “Would you share a body with a sexy, ass-kicking space police agent?” Tweet your responses to @FUNimation and include this url: and this hashtag: #BirdyContest

One winner will be randomly selected to win a Birdy wall scroll, mousepad, and postcard.

Contest will start now and end on June 7th at 11:59pm CT.

Click here for official rules.

CONTEST OVER: Congratulations to our winner, C_Dobbins!