New FUNimation apps – coming soon!

As we mentioned in our Anime Expo blog post earlier this week, we have been working on some new FUNimation apps that we will be demo-ing at our booth this weekend. For all who may not be able to make it down to Anime Expo this weekend,make sure to check out each of the new apps. Here are some of the details.

FUNimation Tablet App

For iPad and Android tablets – Free & paid app versions
Coming in late July/early August
The tablet app is the most similar of the new apps to the Mobile app. So similar in fact that we have made it universal with the mobile app we have already released. This means if you have bought the paid mobile app you will get the paid tablet app for free and vice versa.

Click here to see the comparison chart between both versions of the mobile app which will be the same for the tablet app.

If you are an Elite Video Subscriber, just as you are able to unlock all your subscription content with either version of the mobile app, you will also get the same full access on the tablet app as well. Most shows will be in HD.

FUNimation Roku App
For Roku streaming devices – Free app
Coming in late July/early August
The Roku app will bring anime to your Roku streaming device. This is another way to watch FUNimation anime on your TV instantly. This free app will allow you to watch trailers, clips, and promotional videos (such as the first 2-4 episodes) of most of the shows from the FUNimation catalog.

You will also be able to unlock all your subscription content on the Roku app same as you can with the Mobile and tablet app. HD video included. See a theme yet? 
FUNimation Samsung App
For Samsung TV’s and Blu-ray players – Free app
Coming in late July/early August
The Samsung app will be a free app similar to the Roku app giving you access to clips, trailers, and promotional episodes. This app will also allow you to unlock all subscription content for Elite Video Subscribers in HD. The Samsung app will be available on all newer model Samsung web-enabled TVs and Blu-ray players.

We at FUNimation are very excited to bring these new apps to you in the near future. Not only will these apps expand the ways you can enjoy watching anime but it also makes our Elite Video Subscription service that much better for everyone who is a member.

Haven’t checked out the Elite Video Subscription yet? Click here to start your free 14-day trail today!

For all of you heading to Anime Expo this weekend be sure to come by and check out our FUNimation Elite Video Subscription lounge. We will have cosplayers care of ACParadise showing off these new apps and the subscription service. We will have some free swag for stopping by and you can get your badge scanned for a chance to win a free one-year membership to the FUNimation Elite Video Subscription service. We’ll see you at the FUNimation booth!