Anime Expo this Weekend!

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For most people in the states, July 4th will be filled with fireworks, barbeques, and pools. For us, it means the start of one of the biggest anime conventions of the year–Anime Expo!

Anime Expo, in the lovely city of Los Angeles. We’ll be at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 4 – 7th, and boy do we have a TON of things planned for the convention, panels galore and TWO English dub premieres! Just take a look!

Thursday – July 4th
11:15 am – FUNimation Online Panel – Room LP1
Join us as we show of clips from our latest simulcasts, new shows streaming online, as well as get a preview of the brand-new coming later this summer.

1:30 pm – FUNimation Inside the Industry Panel – Room LP3
It’s more than just Voice Actors! Learn about the many facets of the licensing and production process at FUNimation.

3:45 pm – FUNimation Previews Panel – Room LP1
An extended look at different clips from what’s hot now and what’s coming soon.

4:45 pm – Wolf Children Screening (Japanese with English subtitles) – Video 1
The staggeringly beautiful animated feature film from director Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars).

5:00 pm – Future Diary Autograph Signing with Josh Grelle (voice of Yuki) at booth

6:30 pm – Akira: Past and Future – Room LP4
An intense, in-depth look at the movie that changed anime in America forever.

6:30 pm – Inside the Anime Industry – Why We Do What We Do – Room LP3
Join this very special roundtable of industry influencers in a discussion about passion and why we work in the anime and manga business. Seasoned anime and manga industry veterans from Funimation, Dark Horse, The Right Stuf International/ Nozomi Entertainment, Anime News Network, Aniplex, VIZ Media and more will discuss their personal love of their medium and creating entertainment experiences to remember. Panel will be moderated by Charlene Ingram, Senior Manager of Animation Marketing, VIZ Media.

Friday – July 5th
12:00 pm – Future Diary English Dub Premiere – Video 4
The world premiere of the dub and Q&A with special guest Josh Grelle

4:00 pm – Guilty Crown Autograph Signing with Austin Tindle (Voice of Shu) and Alexis Tipton (Voice of Inori) at booth

Saturday – July 6th
2:00 pm – Future Diary Autograph Signing with Josh Grelle at booth

3:00 pm – Production I.G presents Ghost in the Shell: Arise – Room LP1
Join guests of honor Mitsuhisha Ishikawa (President and CEO of Production I.G) and Kazuchika Kise (Director & Character Designer for Ghost in the Shell: Arise) as they discuss their revival of the juggernaut franchise, Ghost in the Shell.

4:30 pm – Guilty Crown English Dub Premiere – Video 1
The world premiere of the dub and Q&A with special guests Austin Tindle and Alexis Tipton

8:45 pm – Ghost in the Shell: Arise – Border 1: Ghost Pain Premiere (Japanese with English subtitles) – Video 1
Don’t miss the North American premiere of the first installment of Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Border 1: Ghost Pain

Sunday – July 7th
12:00 pm – Guilty Crown Autograph Signing with Austin Tindle and Alexis Tipton at booth

3:00 pm – FUNimation Industry Panel – Room LP1
Come hear all about the latest and greatest products and news straight from the source

I know these panels will probably keep you busy throughout the weekend, but make sure you reserve some time to stop by our booth (Booth 401), we’ve got some special events scheduled. There will be two Attack on Titan Troop Rallies at the FUNimation booth. One on Thursday at 1:00 pm and another on Saturday at 11:00 am. We will also be attempting to LIVE STREAM from the booth, so look for a separate blog post with the live streaming schedule.

Our cute mascot dude, OniG, will also be available in plushie form (see above) for just $25, or FREE with the purchase of $200 or more. Con-goers will also receive a nifty FUNimation decal (pictured at left) as a free gift with any purchase. Spend $75 and get a free FUNimation lanyard. For those purchasing $100 or more, you’ll receive a free Is This a Zombie? t-shirt while supplies last.

Your purchases will also look more sparkly as we’ll have new FUNimation bags and gift wrap available at checkout!

The Ribbon Game also makes a return at this convention! We will have cosplayers walking around the convention at some of our different events handing out prizes to random fans who are spotted with FUNimation ribbons on their convention badge. Here’s how to score your ribbons:

  • Pick up a free badge ribbon at the FUNimation booth
  • Show you are a member or Elite Video Subscriber and receive a 2nd ribbon. (We’ll have a member list at our booth as well as computer stations for you to log-in or sign up)

All ribbons have a chance to win, the higher the level of ribbon, the greater your chance

Not enough? We’ll also be scanning convention badges for a chance to win a prize pack of anime goodies including a one-year subscription to the FUNimation Elite Video Subscription!

Ok, so we’re gonna go get ourselves ready for the convention now, but we hope we see you there!

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