Workplace Safety Tips Brought to you by Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail

Is your workplace a warzone? Follow these Revy approved (Black Lagoon approved) workplace safety tips, and you just might survive long enough to cash your next paycheck.

  1. Coworkers wearing dark sunglasses inside the building should not be trusted.
  2. Hide a spare clip inside your PB&J sandwich.
  3. Run like hell from anyone wearing daisy dukes.
  4. Check your favorite stall for tripwires before using the bathroom.
  5. Avoid the attractive woman chain-smoking by the water cooler.
  6. Never sign for mysterious packages. Especially if they’re ticking.
  7. Ask your tailor if that 3 Button Italian Jacket comes in Kevlar.
  8. Have the annoying guy in accounting start your car for you at night.
  9. Forget business cards. Put your contact info on Chinese Throwing Stars.
  10. Tip the cleaning lady. Tip her very, very well.

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