New Release Tuesday – Rock the Dragon

Dragon, Dragon! Rock the Dragon! Dragon Ball Z!
Dragon, Dragon! Rock the Dragon! Come get me!

For many of us, this theme song brings back fond memories of our childhood. Back in the day when we’d rush home after school and turn on the TV to watch Dragon Ball Z on Toonami. Well, now you can relive those days with the Dragon Ball Z Rock the Dragon Collector’s Edition!

This anime Blu-ray and DVD release contains the original Canadian voice cast with all 53 episodes as they were shown on Toonami. It also includes the three movies (Dead Zone, The World’s Strongest, and Tree of Might) and for the first time ever on any U.S. release, you get the popular “Rock the Dragon” opening theme song! All the discs come in a hardbound, full-color 48-page book which showcases the characters, history, and tropes that helped elevate Dragon Ball Z to the pop culture phenomenon it is today.

Here’s our “Hey, Nice Package” video so you can see everything that comes with this Collector’s Edition.

So, is this the Dragon Ball Z release you’ve been waiting for?

Well, if it’s not then we’ve also got Eureka Seven AO: Part One available on BD/DVD Combo today.

The electrifying successor to the mecha epic Eureka Seven propels you through intense, eye-popping action in the sky, sea, and space once battle at a time.

The year is 2025. Earth is engulfed in the crossfire between massive warring alien life forms that leave annihilation in their wake. While searching for clues about his past, Ao is caught in an attack and forced to fly a giant humanoid fighter craft to save himself and his island. Fragments of the teenager s origin come to light when a hostile shape-shifter seeking revenge on Ao s missing mother who vanished two years after his birth targets him instead. Consumed with learning how his machine of war is connected to his mother and the monster that now pursues him, the young pilot will fly full throttle into combat zones without hesitation.

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about all you Canadian fans. Fan Expo is happening again in Canada and of course FUNimation is playing a big part by offering 19 seasons for under $20 bucks – only on the Canadian iTunes store. Starting 8/12/13 and continuing up until 8/27/13 pick up the following seasons for less than $20 (in HD when available)!

  • Attack On Titan, Season 1 (Original Japanese Version)
  • Rosario + Vampire, Complete Series
  • Freezing , Complete Series
  • Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar
  • Black Lagoon, Season 1
  • Black Lagoon, Season 2: The Second Barrage
  • Blood-C, The Complete Series
  • Cat Planet Cuties, The Complete Series
  • Fairy Tail Season 1, P1
  • Fairy Tail Season 1, P2
  • Fairy Tail Season 1, P3
  • Fairy Tail Season 1, P4
  • Soul Eater Part 1
  • Soul Eater Part 2
  • Soul Eater Part 3
  • Soul Eater Part 4
  • Eureka 7 AO P1
  • Haganai
  • Appleseed XIII: The Complete Series