San Japan, Anime Revolution, LET ME OUT!

We’ve got two conventions this weekend, plus a Red Carpet Premiere. Lots of information to cover, so let’s get started!

First up, San Japan in San Antonio, TX. FUNimation will have a booth (D25-D26/D47-D48) in the Dealers Room with lots of lovely product for you, plus some awesome gifts-with-purchase (see levels below).

  • FUNimation decal with any purchase (see image to right)
  • FUNimation lanyard with any $100 purchase
  • Oni-G plushie with any $250 purchase, or you can buy it for $25
  • Plus, we’ve got free postcards and posters for you to take

Michelle will be out representing FUNimation at San Japan, so be sure you stop by the booth and attend the panels to say hello!
FUNimation Panels at San Japan:

  • Friday @ 6:30pm – FUNimation Previews Panel – Room 001
    Come and get an extended look at exclusive clips and trailers of the latest and greatest from FUNimation!
  • Saturday @ 6:00pm – FUNimation Industry Panel – Room 001
    Hear all the latest and news and information straight from the source!

For more information about San Japan, please click this link. (Or find them on the Guidebook app!)

Up north, our Conventions Manager, Sully, will be at Anime Revolution in Vancouver, Canada. While we won’t have a booth presence at the convention, we’ve got quite a few panels for you to attend:
FUNimation Panels at Anime Revolution:

  • Friday @ 9pm – FUNimation Town Hall Meeting – Panel 2
  • Saturday @ 10am – FUNimation Industry Panel – Panel 1
  • Sunday 11:30am – FUNimation Previews Panel – Panel 1

For all the Fairy Tail fans attending Anime Revolution, you’ll be pleased to know that Todd Haberkorn (Voice of Natsu), Cherami Leigh (Voice of Lucy), and Newton Pittman (Voice of Gray) will be guests of the convention. While not an official FUNimation panel, there will be a Fairy Tail Celebration Panel on Saturday at 12:30pm in Ballroom A. Todd, Cherami, and Newton all have autograph sessions at the convention, so be sure to check your schedules if you’d like to attend those. If you’re curious about the series and what to see what it’s all about, Anime Revolution will be screening the first 4 episodes of Fairy Tail on Sunday at 11:30am.

For more information about Anime Revolution, please click this link.

The LET ME OUT Red Carpet Premiere is this weekend at 8pm on August 16th at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles. Attendees will get a chance to walk the carpet at 8pm, and the screening will follow at 9pm. After the screening there will be a Q&A with the film’s lead actor, Hyun-Sang Kwon (Vampire Prosecutor 2, and King 2 Hearts) and director Jae Soh.

The first 100 tickets purchased will include an autographed limited edition event poster. If you’re in the L.A. area this weekend, be sure you don’t miss this amazing event! Click here to purchase your tickets.

This zombie melodrama is Mu-Young’s film school opus. An eternal senior, he knows everything about cinema but nothing about actual film making. Critical of everyone else, he heckles the famous indie director Ik-June Yang at a campus screening and somehow receives film funding. His dream of working with his love-interest Ah-Young becomes a nightmare. Everything that can go wrong does. Barely surviving a disastrous shoot, Mu-Young learns making a movie is like love, you can’t do it alone. LET ME OUT is a tribute to guerrilla, indie, amateur, low-budget cineastes struggling to create. It is hope.