High School DxD – Join the Occult Research Club!

Got a taste for the Dark Side?

Don’t waste another school year slaving away on the yearbook staff or taking snapshots for the photography club. Ditch this mortal coil and see what the supernatural world has to offer! If you enjoy magic circles, teleportation, and demon slaying, then the Occult Research Club is the place for you! Forget about school lunches and class schedules, we’ll teach you how to destroy fallen angels and hunt down stray devils.

Why rush home to iron your school uniform after class when you could stay out late hunting the things that go bump in the night with the coolest club on campus? Seek out one of the luscious ladies of the Occult Research Club, and see if you’ve got what it takes to survive the shivers they’ll send running down your spine!

Remember. All the really good stuff happens in the dark!

Meet our members!

Rias – Class President
This crimson-haired princess and club president is a pure-blooded devil and one of the hottest girls in school. Did we mention she sleeps au naturel?



Akeno – Vice President
The buxom vice president of the Occult Research Club may appear to be an elegant lady, but once the fighting starts, she gets downright sadistic! Her transformation sequence is a must see.



Koneko – Senior Member
This petite beauty is a first year student at Kuoh Academy. Her chilly demeanor hides a compassionate heart, but that won’t stop her from scolding Issei for his perverted nature.



Kiba – Senior Member
Kiba’s good looks drive all the girls wild, but he’s not just another pretty face. Put a blade in his hands, and this knight becomes downright deadly.



Issei – Junior Member
Your typical high school pervert, Issei is one of the clubs newest members. He’s got an extreme fondness for the female form, and he owes his life to Rias.



Asia – Junior Member
Innocent young Asia possesses a truly gentle heart and a deep reverence for religion. She’s inexperienced when it comes to socializing, but her mere touch has the power to heal.