Brook’s English Voice Actor Revealed!

We just wrapped up a contest where we asked One Piece fans to guess the identity of Brook’s English voice actor. You can click this link to see the contest.

It is our pleasure to announce that Ian Sinclair is the English voice of Brook! The musical Straw Hat makes his first English appearance in One Piece Film: Strong World, available on BD/DVD Combo and DVD on November 19th! Place your pre-orders now!

And now, for a little taste of what Brook will sound like. Here’s a tiny snippet of the full interview that is available in the extras!

When the Straw Hats catch wind of trouble in the peaceful waters of the East Blue, they quickly set a course for home! But before they reach their destination, fate leads them into the deadly path of Golden Lion Shiki. This gravity-defying madman needs a navigator, and he wants Nami! Shiki scatters the Straw Hats across the far corners of a floating island filled with ferocious, genetically-mutated monsters, and issues Nami and ultimatum: join his crew – or her friends die!

Big mistake. Luffy kicks his attack mode into Third Gear and begins a brutal rampage across the beast-ridden island. It’s all hands on deck in Monkey vs. Lion. Winner gets the navigator!

One Piece Film: Strong World introduces some other new characters. So, we’d like to take this time to announce the English cast for the movie!

LUFFY – Colleen Clinkebeard
NAMI – Luci Christian
SANJI – Eric Vale
USOPP – Sonny Strait
ZORO – Christopher R. Sabat
CHOPPER – Brina Palencia
ROBIN – Stephanie Young
FRANKY – Patrick Seitz
BROOK – Ian Sinclair
SHIKI – Scott McNeil
DOCTOR INDIGO – Sean Schemmel
XIAO – Lindsay Seidel
SCARLET – Bryan Massey
MADAM – Jessica Cavanagh
GARP – Brian Mathis
SENGOKU – Ed Blaylock
BILLY – Josh Grelle

ADR Director – Mike McFarland
ADR Engineer – Stephen Hoff

Are you excited for the release of One Piece Film: Strong World? What do you think of Ian as Brook?