New Release Tuesday – I Watch For the Plot

Happy New Release Tuesday! Today’s release is so loaded with plot that we don’t know where to start. We Without Wings has the fan service you’re looking for with an interesting twist. Check out the synopsis below:


Timid Takashi wants to escape to an alternate world where he is a heralded knight, but is held back by thoughts of his younger sister and his girlfriend. Part-timer and all around upbeat guy Shuusuke has a disastrous first encounter with a woman who turns out to be his new co-worker. Handyman Hayato is a hard-boiled loner that has random encounters with two gangs and a girl with a uniform fetish. Throw in plenty of fan-service, random humor, an alternate medieval world, and your narrator DJ Condor, and you get “We Without Wings – Under the Innocent Sky”.


If you head on over to the official We Without Wings page, you can check out the Red Band trailer and some clips that were just too hot for YouTube.


And here’s the Somewhat Safe for Work trailer for you.



Are you a fan of fan service?