New Release Tuesday – Mech and Pirates

It’s that time of the week again–time for new releases! We’ve got two titles for you to enjoy today: Eureka Seven AO, Part 2 on BD/DVD Combo and One Piece Season 5, Voyage 3.

So, let’s get started with Eureka Seven AO! Part One was released on BD/DVD Combo back in August, and now you can check out the stellar action-packed climax with Part Two! Here’s the synopsis:

During a dangerous zero gravity mission to keep a clash in space from colliding with Earth, Ao meets his mother for the first time since she disappeared. Chaos erupts when the vengeful enigma known as Truth learns of her return. As Ao fights to protect his mother and solve her transient state, he discovers a weapon so powerful it can alter Earth s timeline. Conflict elevates across the globe as this warhead and new intelligence on the hostile aliens polarizes former allies. When another pilot and his machine from the future enter the fray, Ao will finally learn his true origin as well as his role in saving his mother, his friends, and his planet from obliteration.

If you’re a fan of the Eureka Seven franchise, be sure to pick this up to add to your collection. Check out the trailer!

Next up, get ready for more adventures with the Straw Hats,
One Piece Season 5, Voyage 3 is available today! Here’s a brief synopsis:

All hands on deck for a Straw Hat slugfest with the assassins of CP9!

While Luffy races to save Robin from the cowardly clutches of Spandam the madman, the rest of his mates fight for their lives against the heinous henchmen of CP9! Robin steps into save Sanji from taking a beating at the hands of a lethal bathing beauty, and Chopper goes on a rampage after eating one too many Rumble Balls during his showdown with a samurai lion! Meanwhile, Franky teaches a zipper-mouthed freak a thing or two about the punching power of cola, Zoro s swordplay is hampered by being handcuffed to Usopp, and Sanji reappears just in time to introduce his wolfish opponent to the burning power of the devil s leg! The fists are officially flying, and the most epic One Piece arc ever just got brutal!

And now the trailer!

So, which of these titles are you most interested in picking up? Are you waiting for something else in the pipeline?