Spooky Digital Deals!

We know that more and more people are starting to consume their anime in digital form. So, we’re happy to let you know that there are some killer deals going on right now for all you digital fans just in time for Halloween!

PlayStation Network users! The following titles will be available to rent for $0.99 for SD and $1.99 for HD from now until November 4th:

– Mass Effect: Paragon Lost
– Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos

Starting today and lasting until October 31st Xbox Video is letting FUNimation put some of its scariest, demon butler having, vampire infested, sickle swinging anime on sale in celebration of Halloween. Pick up any of these titles, turn off the lights and say FUNimation ten times in the dark……

– Black Butler Season 1
– Black Butler Season 2
– Shiki Part 1
– Shiki Part 2
Soul Eater

Then over on VUDU, we’re teaming up once again to bring you some of the best anime treats for the season. Starting today, and lasting until the 31st, you can purchase the following series with a huge season pass discount:

– Hellsing Ultimate 1 – 8
– Hellsing TV Series
– Shiki Parts 1 & 2
Soul Eater Season 1 & 2

Hurry and snatch up these spooktacular savings! Do you prefer to have your anime in digital form?