Hetalia Day 2013

October 24 is United Nations Day, which marks the anniversary of the United Nations charter, but for Hetalia fans, it’s also a celebration of international antics and nation-on- nation bromance known as Hetalia Day! Now on its fifth year running, Hetalia Day (this year on October 26, to fall on a Saturday) is a by-fans-for-fans global meetup event of Hetalia fans, held in over a hundred different cities all across the world—from Australia to Peru, Hungary to Malaysia, Canada and the US, and everywhere in between.


Each year, thousands of fans attend their local meetups to cosplay, play games, share their fan works, eat delicious international foods, and generally squee and hang out with fellow Hetalians. If you’re looking for a Hetalia meetup in your city this weekend, you can check out the directory at https://hetalia-day.com/directory/


Anyone planning on going? Who are you cosplaying as, and what are you looking forward to most? Let us know, and be sure to share your pictures with us on the Hetalia Facebook page— we may just share them on the FUNimation blog!


And if you need even more international relations in your life, Hetalia Day also happens to be just a little more than week before the release of Hetalia: World Series (seasons 3 and 4) Complete Series, available at its lowest price ever for pre-order now! Seasons 1&2 and the movie Paint it, White! are also available on DVD now. And be sure to check out the brand-new, super sparkly season 5, Hetalia: the Beautiful World, which reunites your favorite Axis and Allied dudes in a brand new style reminiscent of mangaka Hidekaz Himaruya’s famously fabulous artwork! Here are the first two episodes, but you can watch the rest streaming for free on FUNimation and Hulu.