FUNimation Shop free swag bags!

If you have ever been to the FUNimation booth at a convention you have probably picked up some free postcards, buttons, and other cool stuff.  Sometimes we get a little too excited and print more promo items than we end up needing. We hate to waste good swag, and know many of you would enjoy them, so we have decided to give away a free a bag of random goodies with every purchase in the FUNimation Shop. If that wasn’t enough to entice you to start shopping we also will be tossing in a free DVD or Blu-ray disc as well!


Each bag will include:


  • 1 random anime DVD or Blu-ray disc
  • 1 FUNimation lanyard
  • 1 FUNimation decal
  • 1 Shop flyer with Wolf Children poster on the back
  • 1 random anime postcard
  • 1 random FUNimation button


These bags are available only while supplies last so you better get shopping before they’re all gone!