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Nothing brings people together like a giant robot. Welcome to the club! Robotics;Notes is the next installment of the scifi/adventure from the creators of Steins;Gate and Chaos;HEAd. Part one of this exciting series will be available on BD/DVD Combo in early 2014; but before you that, you probably want to know who’s in the cast! Just take a look below for your English cast and then your first look at the English dub trailer.


Kaito and Akiho dream of building a giant fighting robot based on a super-popular anime, but that’s going to be impossible if they don’t get more members into their school’s Robot Research Club. They’ll take anyone they can talk—or force—into joining them, including an eccentric robotics champion with a secret identity and a l33t video-game designer who’s spent one too many late nights online. Finally, their goal looks like it’s within reach.


But when a sentient AI program tells Kaito about mysterious documents hidden on the internet, things start to get strange for everyone. As the club members track down the secret messages, they realize that the information might be far bigger—and more dangerous—than they expected.


AKIHO – Lindsay Seidel
KAITO – Clifford Chapin
SUBARU – Jarrod Greene
JUNNA – Monica Rial
FRAU – Leah Clark
AIRI – Apphia Yu
KIMIJIMA – Eric Vale
MISAKI – Caitlin Glass
MITCHI – Robert McCollum
MIZUKA – Lydia Mackay
NAE – Brina Palencia
USUI – Linda Leonard
DOC – R. Bruce Elliott
GENKI – Ian Sinclair
TAKAHASHI – Josh Grelle
SUMIO – David Wald
KENICHIROU – Bradley Campbell
HIROMU – Bill Jenkins
HAYAKAWA – Alexis Tipton


ADR Director – Joel McDonald
ADR Engineer – Peter Hawkinson



Part One of Robotics;Notes will be available on BD/DVD Combo on Feb. 18th. Click here to pre-order your copies now!

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