Magic 101: The Magic of Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail features some of the most diverse types of magic in the history of anime. Want spells that harness the power of the elements? Wizards like Natsu and Juvia have you covered. Prefer your magic with a few stylish accessories? Look no further than Lucy’s celestial keys and Cana’s cards.

Today, we’re here to take a look at a few of the more obscure (and weird) types of magic used throughout the Fiore Kingdom—and beyond!



Sky Dragon Slayer

Wendy’s Sky Dragon Slayer magic gives her powers perfectly suited for helping out her teammates in battle. Her healing skills are unmatched within the guild, and she’s got a knack for helping to supercharge the magic of others. She’s not all support, though: her Sky Dragon Roar knocks out evil with a mighty blast of breath!




This type of magic is perfect for wizards who pride themselves on organization and communications. With Archive, a wizard—like Hibiki from Blue Pegasus—can summon what is basically an enchanted computer that can be used to access magic databases, keep track of other wizards, or transfer info straight to a team member’s brain like some form of techno-telepathy! In a pinch, the magic, floating screens can be used as offensive and defensive shields.




More of a collector than an organizer? Have a bit of potion-loving mad scientist in you? Parfum magic involves the use of countless different scents that, when inhaled, have incredible effects on the person smelling them, ranging from turning them into a muscle-bound powerhouse to shocking them with debilitating pain. The possibilities are endless! Blue Pegasus’ Ichiya is a master of this smelly magic.



Magic Items

Edolas is a strange, parallel world where magic is in short supply—but that doesn’t mean it’s completely nonexistent. Instead of using magic that comes from inside them, the citizens of Edolas use items imbued with magic power. This ranges from staves, swords, and whips, to bigger, more destructive cannons (and even dragon-shaped giants).



Phoenix Stone

This circular blue stone doesn’t just have the image of a phoenix engraved on it—it’s holding an actual phoenix sealed within. Broken into two pieces, each individual half contains extraordinary power, so much so that they can give life to inanimate objects. Put them together again, and the phoenix inside is resurrected.



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