12 Days of Anime – Day 1 – Psycho-Pass Cast!

‘Tis the season, and we’re counting down with our “12 Days of Anime.” Every day for the next 12 days we’ll be doing something special. What will we do? Well, you’ll just have to come back every day to find out!

We’re starting off with a bang and announcing the Psycho-Pass cast…one day at a time! Today we’re giving you Shion Karanomori voiced by Lydia Mackay! Lydia can also be heard as Madame Red in Black Butler, Ultear Milkovich in Fairy Tail, and Laki in One Piece just to name a few.

Here’s a little about the series:

Get ready for Psycho-Pass, a hardboiled, gun-slinging sci-fi series from the creator of Madoka Magica and the studio that brought you Ghost in the Shell.

In the future, even just thinking about a crime is enough to make you guilty – and justice is dispensed from the barrel of a gun. Detectives work in teams made up of Enforcers and Inspectors. Enforcers take out the bad guys, and Inspectors make sure their partners don’t cross the fine line between good and evil. The great equalizer in the war against thugs is the Dominator, a futuristic weapon that can read minds and assess the probability that a citizen will turn criminal. There are no trials. Only Enforcers, Inspectors, and the Dominator. Commit a crime in your mind – and the Dominator will make sure you pay the ultimate price.

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So, who do you think will be in the rest of the cast? And what do think of our first day?