12 Days of Anime – Day 3 – 5 Reasons Fans Have Fallen for Attack on Titan

It’s Day 3 of our glorious “12 Days of Anime” countdown, and time for a little something fun! We’re in the process of getting Attack on Titan ready for home video release (you can pre-order it now on Amazon here!); but, while you’re waiting, here are 5 reasons why fans have fallen for this series. WARNING: some of this list contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!

1. The original opening song. “Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen” by Linked Horizon (That S#!* Goes With Everything!)

As soon as the opening notes hit of the Attack on Titan song, you can’t help but feel the epicness swelling. When the series began simulcasting in the Spring it prompted an internet phenomenon as everyone began parodying that epic song to footage from elsewhere. It became the new Guile’s Theme! What are some of your favorites? Put them in the comments below!

2. The Colossal Titan

With the first appearance (click here to see the episode) of this towering behemoth towards the end of episode one you just know that the story is about to launch into hyperdrive. Every time the Colossal Titan appears, or we see any of the other Titans on screen, they’re just so creepy we can’t help but watch to see what will happen next.


3. Eren’s Death (Episode 5)

There are few shows five episodes in that show your main character being dismembered by teeth, and eaten up by a monster (and therefore presumed killed), which was an absolute shock that ricocheted across social media. Click here to see the episode.

4. Eren’s Return as a Titan (Episode 7)

After more than an episode of everyone coming to terms with the fact that Eren Jaeger was dead, we see an unusual rogue Titan appear, that seems to not be interested in eating humans, and instead wants to fight the other Titans. The revelation that the rogue Titan is none other than Eren , is one of the most epic plot twists to hit anime in years! Click here to watch the episode.

5. 3D maneuver Gear

In this pitched battle between humans and the man-devouring Titans, the 3D maneuvering gear gives the brave humans trying to combat the Titans more of a chance to get into striking position. Not only is this tool unlike the type of weapons you see in most anime series, but it somehow is a fun cross-breed evocative of Batman’s Grapling Gun and Spiderman’s webslinging action, with a turbo rocket boost.  Lending itself to use in some death-defying intense action sequences!

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