iTunes Holiday Sale

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It’s that special time of the year and you have been watching your mom make out with Santa under the mistletoe all night – just like last year and the year before that. Take a break and spend some of that stocking stuffer cash on our fantastic iTunes Holiday sale!

From December 16th until January 6th pick up the following titles at a discount that will make your bells jingle!


– Akira
– Aquarion EVOL, Pt 1
– Guilty Crown, The Complete Series
– Fairy Tail Season 3, Pt 1
– Maken-ki!, Season 1
– Ghost In The Shell: Arise – Border 1: Ghost Pain (subtitled)
– Attack on Titan, Season 1 (subtitled)
– Freezing: Vibration, Season 2 (subtitled)
– BlazBlue: Alter Memory, Season 1 (subtitled)
– A Certain Scientific Railgun S, Season 2 (subtitled)


Do you buy your anime on iTunes, or do you prefer physical media?

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