12 Days of Anime – Day 7 – Fairy Tail Digital Goodies

We recently ran a scavenger hunt where Fairy Tail fans had to visit specific partner websites, including Anime News Network, Rooster Teeth, the Fairy Tail Podcast, etc. on certain days in order to “find Happy.” So, on the 7th day of our “12 Days of Anime” countdown we are giving you all the “hidden” treasure from our Fairy Tail scavenger hunt! You don’t even need to follow a map or anything!


Click the links below to download the goodies:


Fairy Tail Screencap Pack
Fairy Tail Mobile Wallpaper
Fairy Tail Door Hanger 1
Fairy Tail Desktop Wallpaper
Fairy Tail Door Hanger 2
Fairy Tail Momon Paper Craft
Fairy Tail Happy Paper Craft


Happy Character Pack
Natsu Character Pack
Lucy Character Pack

Each of the character packs contain:

* Character Mobile Wallpaper (various sizes)
* Character Avatar
* 2 Character Message Tones (in mp3 format)


And as an extra special bonus treat, here’s a download of Todd Haberkorn recording a voicemail for you as Natsu! Click here to download.


Does that get you fired up? Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess is available now on BD/DVD Combo. Click here to order now.