12 Days of Anime – Day 11 – Jormungand Music Download


So, we’re always getting fans asking us “What’s the music in this trailer?” and “Where can I download this music?!”


Seems like the trailer music for Jormungand was no exception, and we’ve gotten quite a few requests for a download of the song. That brings us to the 11th Day of our “12 Days of Anime” countdown.


Head on over to https://funimation.com/jormungand and go to the Extras section for a FREE digital download of the music from our trailer. The song is titled “Uroboros” and it is an original piece from one of our Sound & Composition guys, Andrew Manson.


Do you enjoy the music in our trailers and promotional videos? Did you know that most of the music we use on these trailers, clips, and promo videos are actually original pieces composed in house at FUNimation?


Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Jormungand today! Seasons One and Two will be available on BD/DVD Combo on Feb. 18th, 2014. Click here to order.