Winter 2014 Simulcast – Buddy Complex, Nobunagun, and NO-RIN Join the Line-Up

We’ve added three more shows to our 2014 Winter Simulcast line-up: Buddy Complex, Nobunagun, and NO-RIN. Here’s a little information about each below.

Buddy Complex synopsis:

When a giant robot suddenly attacks the city, a high-school student named Aoba is saved by a classmate who’s piloting her own mecha. After accepting an offer to join the alliance she is a part of, Aoba is thrust into the middle of high-flying robot warfare in this new series from the studio that brought you Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, and Escaflowne!

Buddy Complex comes from the studio that brought you Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Code Geass, and Escaflowne. The series will be begin streaming on our anime site TODAY at 10pm ET for our EVS members. The series will air on Mondays at 10pm ET going forward, available first for EVS members and then for free streaming a week later. Not an Elite Video Subscriber yet? Go to and sign-up for your FREE trial.

Look for it on!

Now, let’s take a look at Nobunagun:

History and fantasy collide in this thrilling new series from the director of Sgt. Frog and the studio that brought you Fairy Tail!

Shio Ogura’s world changes forever when her school trip to Taiwan is interrupted by a surprise monster attack! Her life is miraculously spared by the arrival of a clandestine government agency that battles the army of monsters with weapons possessed by the spirits of historical figures. Only a select few, the E-Gene Holders, are capable of harnessing the power of this supernatural weaponry, and Shio’s valiant attempt to rescue a friend reveals her as one of the chosen few destined to play a vital role in the war to save humanity!

Nobunagun will be simulcasting Sundays at 10am ET on The first episode will be available to watch on our anime site later this afternoon.

And that brings us to NO-RIN:

The mood is right for falling in love with a superstar in the new series from the director of the Negima OVAs! Teenager Hata Kosaku is crushed when his favorite singing idol, Kusakabe Yuka, stuns the world by retiring from show business. Kosaku’s friends try to cheer him up, but nothing can chase away his gloomy mood until Yuka herself transfers into his class at Tamo Agriculture School!

For more information on NO-RIN, please visit

Simulcast date and time have yet to be confirmed, so stay tuned.

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