Ikki Tousen Xtreme Xecutor English Cast

Ikki Tousen Xtreme Xecutor & Shugaku Toshi Keppu-roku OVA will be available on DVD on March 11th. There are a few new characters, and obviously we’ve got some returning characters, so let’s take a look at the English cast list below!



HAKUFU Carrie Savage
KOUKIN Ted Sroka
RYOMOU Willow Lane
MOUKAKU Jessica Straus
BACHOU Cherami Leigh
SOUJIN Bonnie Gordon
GAKUSHU Ivan Buckley
CHOKO William Frederick
KAN’U Rachel Robinson
RYUUBI B. Simpson
GOEI Wendee Lee
KOUMEI Megan Harvey
MOUYUU Trina Hilbe
TEN’I Rachel Hirschfeld
EKITOKU Jessica Calvello
KENTEI & SHIBAI Julie Rei Goldstein
KAKOTON Josh Phillips
SOUSOU Greg Weisman
SONKEN Lauren Landa
RYOFU Robin Rhodpa
CHOUSHOU Caitlin Glass
GENPOU Cristina Vee
SUIKYOU Mike Pollock
SAJI Liam O’Brien
KANSUI Jay D. Stone


And now for a look at the English dub trailer!



Get pumped for a new season of full frontal fights busting out between student bodies in warfare! Round four of the titillating action epic delivers double the ditz when the master of school uniform disasters gets a disciple! Word of a tournament gets around, and Hakufu’s ready to rumble. But training a pupil is tiring work—and catching some random ZZZs puts a delay on her dreams of combat conquest. When a sinister force sabotages the rival schools into submission, the warriors’ fates reveal themselves in gravity-defying fisticuffs. Can Hakufu muscle her way to victory and save her friends from repeating their fatal past? Only the power of the dragons can tell!


This release includes episodes 1 – 12 and the OVA. Special features also contain the Six Dreamy Views episodes 1 – 6.

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