New Release Tuesday – SUUUUUUUPER!

It’s Tuesday, and today we continue on the magnificent voyage that is One Piece. Season 5, Voyage 5 is now available on DVD.




The Straw Hats hit dry dock after the death of their beloved boat!

Luffy and his mates emerged victorious from the battle at Enies Lobby, but after bidding a fiery farewell to the Going Merry, these pirates won’t be going anywhere! There’s a hefty new bounty of each of their heads, and their only hope for escape rests on the cyborg soldiers of Franky. The blue-haired, speedo-sporting, shipwright offers to build the Straw Hats a new vessel, but time is of the essence. Some very familiar marines are breathing down their necks, and the crew can’t set sail without a boat – or their stubborn sniper. A bombastic barrage of cannonballs inches closer and closer as the Straw Hats wait to see whether Frank will join the family, Usopp can swallow his pride, or if an angry face from Luffy’s past will sink their new ship!


Have you been keeping up with the One Piece releases?