Valentine’s Weekend at Katsucon and Anime Milwaukee

Valentine’s Day: a day for spending time with the ones you love, and we’re braving the elements to spend the weekend with you! Since we wanted to spend the weekend with as many of you as possible, we’re dividing and conquering this weekend at TWO conventions: Katsucon and Anime Milwaukee.


Michelle, Tara, and Adam are heading east to National Harbor, MD for Katsucon! They’ve got so many things planned for this weekend it’s gonna be PSYCHO! Here’s what you need to know:


FUNimation Panel Info for Katsucon:


FUNimation Industry Panel:

Friday @ 7:00 pm, Rm Live 2


FUNimation Previews Panel:

Saturday @ 12:00 pm, Rm Live 2


FUNimation Online Panel:

Sunday @ 3:00 pm, Rm Live 1


Now, for some booth info! Back by popular demand, we’ve got our Lucky Draw! This time we are bringing more prizes, and it’s even more awesome than before!


  • Spend $75 at the booth and you get to draw from the hat from our basic tier of awesome goodies.
  • Spend $125 at the booth and you get to draw from both the basic tier, and an additional drawing from our middle tier of goodies!
  • Spend $200 at the booth and you will get the chance to draw from all three tiers of lucky draw items!


We’ve also got tons of title specific gifts-with-purchase (super limited edition magnets, autographed posters, fan service booklets and more! – Stop by the booth and see all of the goodies for yourself.


We’re also running a special Elite Video Subscription sign-up event at Katsucon!
Anyone who comes by the FUNimation booth at Katsucon will be able to sign-up for an Elite Video Subscription at a discounted price as well as get some special extra promo items and a DVD or Blu-ray.


3 Month gift subscription – $20

  • S.A.V.E. DVD movie or box set


6 Month gift subscription – $40

  • Anime Classics DVD or Blu-ray box set


12 Month gift subscription – $80

  • DVD/Blu-ray combo box set


Everyone who signs up will also get the following items:

  • 10% off coupon
  • Fairy Tail temporary tattoo set
  • FUNimation button set
  • ‘Elite Subscriber’ con badge ribbon


Anyone who is already a subscriber can purchase a gift card at any of the above prices and receive that levels rewards.


Rojas will be heading up north to chilly Wisconsin for Anime Milwaukee! He’ll be all by his lonesome, so be sure you attend his panel and stop by the booth to keep him company.


FUNimation Panel Info for Anime Milwaukee:


FUNimation Industry Panel:

Saturday @3:00 pm, Rm 101AB Wisconsin Center.


We’ve also got a booth in the Dealer’s Room, so be sure to stop by for all your anime needs.


Will we see you this weekend? What are you looking forward to seeing most at the convention?