Meet the Voices of Grimoire Heart in Fairy Tail


Meet the members of Grimoire Heart, the darkest guild our Fairy Tail heroes have fought yet. While the Fairy Tail gang is competing to be recognized as S-Class mages, a different kind of trouble is brewing. Find out what happens in Fairy Tail Part 9!


See below for the English cast of Grimoire Heart! Be sure to catch them in action in Fairy Tail Part 9 (available March 25th) and Part 10 (available May 20). Pre-order them both now!


Azuma Ray Hurd
Bluenote Chuck Huber
Capricorn Michael Johnson
Hades John Swasey
Kain Bryan Massey
Kawazu Ian Sinclair
Meldy Bryn Apprill
Rustyrose Justin Locklear
Ultear Lydia Mackay
Yomazu Matt Thurston
Zancrow Ian Ferguson
Zordio Marcus D. Stimac