Titan Will Bring Ice and Snow for Millions this Weekend

Do we possibly have some Attack on Titan fans on the storm naming committee? Well, considering that the Winter Storm Names for 2013-2014 were developed by a class of high schoolers in Montana, chances are high.

If you haven’t been following the weather channel today, Winter Storm Titan will be bringing winter weather from the West Coast all the way to New England starting this Friday. The west will get some heavy rain which will switch over to snow as it crosses the Rockies and heads to the Midwest and Northeast. For more information on the storm, please check out weather.com.


For a winter storm to be considered for naming, it has to exceed an established threshold. A process known as IMPACT (Integrated Meteorological Population and Area Calculation Tool) is used to evaluate the potential impact a winter storm may have. To learn more about IMPACT click here.

Naming winter storms is actually a fairly new process. The Weather Channel attempted this last year, to mixed reviews. This year they started a naming program and enlisted the help of a Latin class at Bozeman High School in Bozeman, MT to come up with the 26 predetermined names for the 2013-2014 season.

So, Winter Storm Titan derives its name from Greek mythology and not the heart-pounding action-packed anime that we know and love. But, hey, we’re positive that at least a few of those high schoolers in that class are Attack on Titan fans!

In all seriousness, be careful out there this weekend. We love you guys and want you to stay safe in this weather!

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