Attack on Titan Burgers are Colossal

So, you know those Titan sized burgers that Lotteria (a fast food chain in Japan) was advertising last month? Well, they’re here. Well, not here here, but they’re available in Japan now and they look…interesting. Lotteria has launched their special Attack on Titan meal deals. You get one cheese burger tower plus an Attack on Titan themed keychain and a specially designed redeemable burger ticket.

Diners can choose between a five-patty burger tower, a seven-patty tower, or a 10-patty tower. All three options are the same price, which is roughly around $20.

Here are the advertised images:

And here’s what it really looks like:

Looks like a heart attack waiting to happen. What do you think? Would you eat this burger? For more heart stopping images, click the link for the article on Kotaku.

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