Look out, Seattle! We're heading to Sakuracon!

We are heading up north again this weekend for SakuraCon!  Are you as excited as we are for the event?  We have a ton of fun things planned, so read on for all of the details.

We have two English dub premieres scheduled this weekend.

Code:Breaker will screen on Friday, April 18th at 6:30 PM in Panels 1 (6C).


From the director of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood comes a story that asks just how many lives a hero can take before he becomes a villain.

Rei Ogami doesn’t have a problem with killing. As a Code:Breaker—a super-powered assassin employed by a secret government organization—he works outside of the law, existing in the gray area between right and wrong. When Rei gets an assignment, criminals are cremated in a blaze of blue fire. That is, until a classmate named Sakura witnesses his fatal flames in action and makes it her mission to keep him from killing again.

As Sakura becomes entrenched in Rei’s world of cruelty, mayhem, and violence, the line between good and evil begins to blur. When another Code:Breaker goes rogue and the remaining assassins assemble, murder might be the only way to make things right.

Code:Breaker releases on BD/DVD Combo on June 24th. Click here to order your copy.

Haganai NEXT will screen on Saturday, April 19th at 6:00 PM in Panels 1(6C).


To: The Neighbors Club
From: Student Council Reps
Re: Club Guidelines

It has come to our attention that your club—officially formed with the goal of “making friends”—has been taking part in questionable behaviors on campus. We’d like to remind you that none of the following are approved club activities:

–          Stalking (especially taking candid photos of your peers)
–          Playing inappropriate video games
–          Watching anime involving adult themes
–          The creation of time machines

While we applaud your creative efforts in making a movie about intergalactic samurai robot wars, please note that the costumes do not fit our dress code. In addition, we have reports of brewing drama between Yozora and Sena regarding Kodaka—including the fact that an engagement has taken place. Please fill out required paperwork if the chapel needs to be reserved.

The BD/DVD Combo of the series will release on May 13th. Click here to order your copy from our Shop!

SakuraCon is presenting a special screening of the Attack on Titan English dub on April 19th at 1:30 in Panels 1 (6C) with a Q&A to follow with the Japanese voice actors and staff!

To round out our panels for the weekend, make sure to not miss the FUNimation Industry Panel in Panels 2 (4C-2) on April 19th at 4:00 PM.

In booth news, we are bringing along all of your favorites, and maybe even a couple new surprises before they hit their street date.  The lucky draw is making its return, restocked with fun goodies!

Spend $75 at the booth and you will receive a FUNimation lanyard!
Spend $125 at the booth and you get the FUNimation lanyard, and an additional draw from our middle tier of goodies!
Spend $200 at the booth and you will get a FUNimation lanyard, middle tier and top tier drawing!

Looking forward to seeing everybody in Washington this weekend!!