New Release Tuesday – In Case You Missed it the First Time

Happy New Release Tuesday! We have several releases today for those who might have missed them the first time around, or were waiting for a lower price point before pouncing.


First up, the collections continue with One Piece Collection 9!



When Luffy and his mates drop anchor at the bizarre island of Long Ring Long Land, they’re challenged to a Davy Back Fight by the fast-talking Foxy Pirates! The Straw Hats are no strangers to squabbles, but the sacred code of pirates decrees that this contest could cost Luffy his crew! Next on the horizon for the Hats, it’s a case of missing memories as everyone but Robin forgets they ever knew each other. Usopp is quick to claim the title of captain, and Zoro does the unthinkable by attacking Luffy! Can Robin recover the crew’s lost recollections before disaster strikes!? She’d better work fast because far greater foes lie ahead, and the Straw Hats will need all hands on deck if they hope to survive the return of Captain Foxy – and the icy arrival of Admiral Aokiji!


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Also available today, Heaven’s Lost Property – Season 1 and Spice and Wolf – the Complete Series join our Anime Classics line, and we have a new release from our Giant Ape live action label–Switch!


When a priceless painting is stolen, Hong Kong secret agent Xiao Jinhan (Andy Lau, House of Flying Daggers) is given the impossible mission of tracking down the missing treasure. His investigation is a nonstop spectacle of tuxedoes and exotic cars—not to mention guns, gadgets, and gorgeous girls—until he finds himself in the middle of a deadly power struggle between international gangsters. When the leaders of the criminal underworld target his family, Xiao vows to defeat them whatever the cost. But in this game of smuggling and betrayal, is there anyone he can trust? Set against international backdrops from the seedy Tokyo underworld to the decadent beaches of Dubai, Switch is a pulse-pounding thriller packed with mind-blowing martial arts action that will keep you guessing until the credits roll.


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