Dragon Age: Inquisition Coming October 7th


Dragon Age: Inquisition is releasing on October 7th, and it looks glorious. Fans of the franchise were left with a cliffhanger in Dragon Age 2 (we won’t ruin it for you if you haven’t played yet), needless to say, they wanted more. In Dragon Age: Inquisition, the veil has been breached and demons are raining down on the world and wreaking havoc.


In the new game, you get to play as the Inquisitor, a character that rallies forces to fight this new threat to the land. Now, before you think that sounds kind of lame, you’re not just any old inquisitor, you’re special–you’ve been marked.  What purpose does that have in the game? You’ll just have to play to find out!

Now, you might be wondering why we care so much about this new game. Well, for one thing, we’ve got quite a few fans of the franchise here at the company, but we’re also excited because this means more Cassandra! She’s even in the Gameplay trailer! Check that out below.


We love Cassandra so much we even made a movie about her. Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker tells Cassandra’s tragic backstory. We worked closely with the Bioware team to make this a movie that fans of the franchise would enjoy. The DVD is on sale right now for just $12.49 in our FUNimation Shop! Click here to order.



Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker synopsis:

The sun rises on a thrilling new era in Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker – the first feature-length, animated addition to the Dragon Age world. In the land of Orlais, a brash young Seeker – Cassandra – fights to stop a blood-soaked conspiracy. Hidden hands seek to tear apart the realm’s most powerful religious order, and as the sinister plot unfolds, Cassandra is accused of treason and murder. Hunted by friend and foe alike, the impulsive beauty must clear her name while clashing with corrupt Templars and rogue Blood Mages. Should she fail, the executioner’s blade awaits. Should she overcome her rage and expose the unseen forces threatening the rule of the Divine, Cassandra will take her place in legend.

Here’s the trailer for the movie.


And if you want more Bioware fun, we’ve also got Mass Effect: Paragon Lost which tells James Vega’s backstory.