May the Fourth be With You, Baby!



May the Fourth be with you. Every year on May the 4th we celebrate Star Wars Day (Get it? May the Fourth, May the Force…). Last year we took a look at Star Wars references in some of our anime titles. From Princess Jellyfish to Tenchi to FLCL, there are more nods to this beloved franchise in anime than you would think. For a list of some other Star Wars references in FUNimation anime titles, click here.


This year, we can add Space Dandy to that list! In the episode “The War of the Undies and Vests, Baby” Dandy crash lands on a remote planet, only to get knocked out and kidnapped by one of the planet’s inhabitants. Sound kind of familiar? Maybe this pose might jog your memory:


No? Nothing? How about this one?



The aliens that Dandy and Meow encounter strike a pose that is very similar to the Tusken Raider Hunter who knocks Luke Skywalker unconscious. Plus, the way the aliens speak has a very Yoda-like quality to it. You think, do not, hmm?  Herh herh herh.


What do you think? Would you say that this episode gave a subtle (or maybe not so subtle) nod to Star Wars? Coincidentally, this episode should be airing on Toonami this coming weekend!


Don’t forget to watch episodes of Space Dandy Saturday nights on Toonami, or you can download episodes on some of your favorite digital vendors like Xbox Video and Amazon Instant Video.


Be sure to check out more Space Dandy coming this July!