Back to Chicago for Anime Central!


Who’s excited for Anime Central?  We are!  We’ve got a great weekend planned for May 16 – 18, packed with English dub premieres and special booth promotions!  So, read on for more information.


3:30-4:30pm – FUNimation Previews (Panel Room 1)
Come see extended clips and trailers for some of the newest anime series from FUNimation!

7:00-9:00pm – Red Data Girl English Dub Premiere with Joel McDonald and Bryn Apprill (Panel Room 1)
series synopsis:
Shy 15-year-old Izumiko Suzuhara has trouble fitting in. Not only was she raised by her grandfather at the local shrine with little exposure to the outside world, but modern communication devices like computers or cell phones strangely crash whenever she touches them. After her childhood acquaintance, the handsome but prickly Miyuki Sagara, suddenly reappears and enrolls in her school, Izumiko learns that she is the last vessel of the goddess Himegami, and Miyuki is forced to serve as her guardian. Although the two of fail to get along at the beginning, their meeting marks the beginning of a shift in Izumiko’s destiny.

Series releases on DVD 6/17.


2:00-3:00pm – FUNimation Industry Panel (Panel Room 1)
From Akira to Dragon Ball Z, hear the latest news and information from North America’s largest anime distributor–FUNimation.


3:30-5:30pm – Date A Live English Dub Premiere with Joel McDonald, Josh Grelle, Bryn Apprill, and Tia Ballard (Rosemont Ballroom)
series synopsis:
30 years ago, a disaster known as a spacequake obliterated the center of Eurasia without warning, leaving 150 million corpses in its wake. Ever since that day, mankind has lived in constant fear of the spontaneously recurring spacequakes.

One day, an ordinary high school boy named Shido Itsuka discovers a mysterious girl at ground zero of a recent spacequake. Shido learns, through the help of his sister Kotori, that the girl is one of the Spirits: mystical creatures responsible for the genesis of the spacequakes. As captain of the anti-Spirit airship Ratatoskr, Kotori recruits Shido to help “seal” the sprits, thus ending their threat to mankind.

There’s just one catch: the only way to seal a spirit – is to make her fall in love with you.

Series releases on BD/DVD Combo 6/10

10:30-11:30pm – FUNimation Peep Show (Panel Room 1)
Guaranteed to be a good time that’s oh so NSFW. Watch some jiggly clips and trailers from some of the hottest FUNimation titles. Don’t forget to bring some tissues, you know, for the nose bleeds.


11:30am-12:30pm – FUNimation Online Panel (Panel Room 1)


1:30-3:30pm – The Devil is a Part-Timer! English Dub Premiere with Josh Grelle and Tia Ballard (Rosemont Ballroom)
series synopsis:
Foiled by a hero when he’s inches away from conquering the world, the devil finds himself in modern-day Tokyo. With no real-world skills to speak of, the devil is forced to make ends meet flipping burgers at a fast food joint! To stall any further plans of world domination, the hero tracks the devil’s trail and takes on the lowly tasks of a telemarketer.


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Any One Piece fans there?  Prepare for One Piece: Film Z by catching up on the series.  Buy any 2 One Piece titles and receive a Japanese One Piece Toy, and with any 3 One Piece titles purchased get the Japanese toy & CD Case!


The lucky draw promotion will make its return at Anime Central, and we have the following tiers lined up!

  • Spend $75 at the booth and you will receive a FUNimation lanyard!
  • Spend $125 at the booth and you get the FUNimation lanyard, and an additional draw from our middle tier of goodies!
  • Spend $200 at the booth and you will get a FUNimation lanyard, middle tier and top tier drawing!



If you stop by our booth, be sure to sign up for a chance to win a giant anime prize pack! Prize pack includes multiple DVDs, Blu-rays, assorted anime merchandise, and autographed posters. It’s free to enter and takes less than a minute. Free FUNimation badge ribbon with every entry while supplies last. Subscribers who stop by the FUNimation booth will receive a free gift bag with assorted postcards, poster, and random DVD or Blu-ray while supplies last.