Hetalia: The Beautiful World Cast Announcement Part II: Nyotalia!

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By now, you’ve probably heard about the fifth season of Hetalia—Hetalia: The Beautiful World, coming to DVD on July 22. (And if you haven’t? Be sure to pre-order now!) This new season features the more detailed art style from the original manga, and it adapts some of our favorite, funniest manga stories that we previously thought we’d never see animated. Two weeks ago, we revealed the English dub cast for the new characters from season 5, but we hinted at an extended cast announcement coming soon… Today, the wait is over!



If you watched our simulcast, you’ve seen some great episodes from The Beautiful World, but you may or may not know about the five excellent OVAs bundled only with the Season Five DVD. There’s the long-awaited Buon San Valentino episodes, in which Germany gets hilariously… confused about his relationship with Italy (let’s just say there’s a tomato-shaped ring involved…). There’s also an exclusive OVA featuring our favorite nation boys—now as cute girls!


Fans know the genderbent Hetalia as “Nyotalia,” and you may have seen some fanart or cosplay of these cuties at conventions. They’re the Hetalia boys you know and love, but with a bit of a twist! We’re excited to reveal the new extended cast for these nation girls in the OVA. Check them out below!


Fem!Italy: Brina Palencia

She’s still cute and loveable with a penchant for pasta, but fem!Italy’s braver and cooler than her male counterpart.



Fem!Germany: Terri Doty

Still strong and serious, fem!Germany’s biggest deviation from her male counterpart is probably her, ahem, figure. But check out those abs!



Fem!Japan: Alexis Tipton

Cute and shy, fem!Japan is the image of the yamato nadeshiko—the classic Japanese beauty.



Fem!America: Luci Christian

Probably one of the most popular genderbent cosplays we see at cons! Fem!America’s a cheery badass bombshell known for carrying (and “solving problems” with) her trademark baseball bat.



Fem!Britain: Monica Rial

If male Britain’s a tsundere, fem!Britain’s more of a kuudere (cold and blunt on the outside, warm on the inside). Her pigtails and glasses give her more of a British grace.



Fem!Russia: Kara Edwards

Like the original Russia, fem!Russia’s sweet demeanor belies her more volatile inner nature—instead of the lead pipe, she carries a shovel. For what, exactly?



Fem!France: Stephanie Young

Fem!France is the image of elegance, always carrying wine or a rose or such, and she doesn’t have quite the same… infamy as her male counterpart.



Fem!China: Clarine Harp

Asia’s big brother is now Asia’s big sister! Fem!China keeps her hair tied in cute buns—and also seems to have a thing for delicious meat buns.



Fem!Canada: Luci Christian

Who? She’s very similar to her male counterpart—quiet and bespectacled. Incidentally, Kumajiro’s got a girl version too–Kumarie.



Fem!Latvia: Ryan Reynolds

Fem!Latvia is also petite, meek, sensitive, and prone to crying like her male counterpart.



Fem!Prussia: Anastasia Muñoz

All right, it may say ????? ???????, but we recognize AWESOME when we see her. And yes, fem!Prussia’s just as AWESOME as male Prussia.


So what happens next with our Hetalia heroines? You’ll have to watch the DVD to find out! And in the meantime, we’d love to see your fem!Hetalia/Nyotalia fanart and cosplay—post them to the Hetalia Facebook page or @-mention us on Twitter or Tumblr (handle @hetaliaofficial on both platforms), and we’ll share some of our favorites!



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