Kamisama Kiss Mangaka Tweets about Goddess Edition!

Julietta Suzuki, the original Japanese mangaka of Kamisama Kiss, just got in a copy of FUNimation’s Kamisama Kiss Goddess Edition Premium Box Set, and she posted about it on her Twitter! Check out her pictures of the set and the original tweet below.



“I just received the Kamisama Kiss Premium Box Set, North American version! I was anxious to see the hair piece that was packed in and am glad to be able to check out the actual product. Thank you! *\(^o^)/*”


We’re so flattered and excited that she liked it! Remember that you can pick up your own copy of the Goddess Edition, with the exclusive replica of Nanami’s hair stick, as well as omamori lucky amulet, folding fan, tote bag, and postcards, all housed in a beautiful artbox.


series synopsis:


Nanami was just a normal high school girl down on her luck until a stranger’s lips marked her as the new Land God and turned her world upside down. Now, she’s figuring out the duties of a deity with the help of Tomoe, a reformed fox demon who reluctantly becomes her familiar in a contract sealed with a kiss. The new responsibilities—and boys—are a lot to handle, like the crow demon masquerading as a gorgeous pop idol and the adorable snake spirit who’s chosen the newly minted god to be his bride. As the headstrong Tomoe tries to whip her into shape, Nanami finds that love just might have cute, pointed fox ears. With romance in the air, will the human deity be able to prove herself worthy of her new title?