Riddle Story of Devil – “Class Black” Assassin Roll Call (Part 1)


Twelve female assassins. One target. This season’s simulcast Riddle Story of Devil (AKA Akuma no Riddle) revolves around an assassination game at the prestigious Myojo Academy, where twelve girls in Class Black have the chance to make their wish come true—if they can just manage to murder their classmate, Haru Ichinose. One assassin, the lone wolf Tokaku Azuma, finds herself inexplicably drawn to her would-be target and decides protect Haru from the others instead.


Each assassin has a very distinct personality, history, and fighting style, and the show features a different ending song for every episode, each sung by a different character from her perspective. We’ve posted the first six ending songs with a little info on each girl. Check back on Friday for the rest!


The 12th and final episode of Riddle Story of Devil just went up yesterday! Click here to watch now. Be sure to watch the simulcast—if you’re a binge watcher, now’s the perfect time. Remember that our home video releases are highly dependent on simulcast numbers, so if you want your views to count, watch it this week before the end of the simulcast period.



Assassin: Tokaku Azuma
Song: Paradox
Voice Actress: Ayaka Suwa
Weapon of choice: knife
Tokaku, our cold and stoic heroine, possesses amazing fighting ability and reflexes, and comes from a long line of assassins. For reasons she can’t quite articulate, Tokaku decides to resist the assassination game and instead chooses to protect Haru from their bloodthirsty classmates.


Target: Haru Ichinose
Song: Kinou, Kyou, Ashita (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow)
Voice Actress: Hisako Kanemoto
Weapon of choice: ?
Haru is the cheerful and innocent target of the Black Class assassination game—anyone who manages to murder her will have one wish granted. Haru is perfectly aware that her life is in danger, but she still treats everyone around her with kindness.



Assassin: Otoya Takechi
Song: Concentration
Voice Actress: Manami Numakura
Weapon of choice: scissors
Otoya is bright and playful, but her outgoing personality belies a more sinister side—not only is she a serial killer with plenty of marks to her name, but she also takes sadistic pleasure in murdering with her trademark scissors.



Assassin: Kouko Kaminaga
Song: Across the Fate
Voice Actress: Haruka Yoshimura
Weapon of choice: explosives
The serious and bespectacled Kouko is the Black Class representative. Although her physical skills are not great, her intellect and use of explosives are her best weapons. Her motive for targeting Haru is tied to mysteries in her past as an assassin in training.



Assassin: Haruki Sagae
Song: Doutte koto nai Sympathy (No-Big-Deal Sympathy)
Voice Actress: Fumiko Uchimura
Weapon of choice: wire
Haruki is simultaneously tomboyish and girlish, rough with her speech yet fashionable with her baby-pink nail polish. Her strength is monstrous and she is willing to go down fighting, in order to protect her family. She comes from a poor background, which informs a lot of her actions and mentality.



Assassins: Chitaru Namatame and Hitsugi Kirigaya
Song: Poison Me
Voice Actress: Sachika Misawa and Mami Uchida
Weapon of choice: sword (Chitaru), poison (Hitsugi)
Chitaru and Hitsugi are always seen together but seem like polar opposites; princely Chitaru is tall, cool, and protective, while sweet and innocent-looking Hitsugi can pass for an elementary school girl. They play Romeo and Juliet respectively in the school play. Chitaru seems to have no interest in the assassination game, but when Hitsugi makes her move, the two of their fates become intertwined. Are they just friends, or something more…?


Bonus Assassin: Shiena Kenmochi
Voice Actress: Yuki Yamada
Weapon of choice: ?
Glasses-girl Shiena is actually never able to carry out her assassination, as she’s incapacitated early. She seems relatively nice and normal compared to the other girls, but not much is known about her motives.