Riddle Story of Devil – “Class Black” Assassin Roll Call (Part 2)

riddle story of devilTwelve female assassins. One target. Last week, we documented some of the deadly ladies featured in this anime season’s simulcast Riddle Story of Devil (AKA Akuma no Riddle), in which twelve girls are given the opportunity to make their wish come true—if they can just manage to murder their classmate, Haru Ichinose, in cold blood.

We’ve posted the last six ending songs and more information about the remaining assassins. Check them out below!

The complete series is now streaming on FUNimation.com/riddle-story-of-devil. Meet the other assassins, and watch to find out what happens to Haru and her protector, our strong and stoic heroine Tokaku.

Assassin: Suzu Shutou

Song: Suzukaze

Voice Actress: Chika Anzai

Weapon of choice: riddles

Suzu’s approach to assassination is as unconventional as she is, as she allows Haru and Tokaku a chance to survive by playing a game of life or death. Her body has a strange condition that has led to loss of love in her life, and she wants to win the game to find a cure.

Assassin: Mahiru Banba

Song : Mayonaka no Toubou

Voice Actress: Yuka Ootsuba

Weapon of choice: large mallet

Like many in the Black Class, Mahiru has a hidden side to her—but in this case, timid and vulnerable Mahiru actually has a split personality, a bloodthirsty and vicious killer named Shinya who speaks arrogantly with masculine pronouns.

Assassin: Isuke Inukai

Song: Tenshi no Smile (Angel’s Smile)

Voice Actress: Azumi Asakura

Weapon of choice: knife

Isuke makes an unofficial attempt on Haru’s life quite early on and has a similar weapon to Tokaku’s. Adopted by two gay men, she was given the masculine name Isuke after her male “mother” Eisuke, a formidable assassin who taught her everything she knows. Isuke can be brutal and haughty, but always manages to stay sexy and sensual.

Assassin: Sumireko Hanabusa

Song: Inochi no Karakuri

Voice Actress: Miho Arakawa

Weapon of choice: puppets

Sumireko is elegant and sophisticated, with a very royal air and a penchant for tea and dolls. This doll/puppet theme even extends to her own assassination abilities—much of her body is artificial, and thus much stronger than any normal human. Her background is mysteriously similar to Haru’s, and she wants to prove her queenly superiority.

Assassin(?): Nio Hashiri

Song: Survival

Voice Actress: Yoshino Nanjou

Weapon of choice: the mind

Energetic and cheerful Nio considers herself the administrator of the assassination game, but she also comes from a long line of killers and occasionally reveals a sadistic side—symbolized by her vicious, sharp-teethed grin. Her mysterious tattoos all over her body give her an otherworldly ability to carry out her kills.

Class Black


The final ending song shows all the girls of Class Black, each with their own mysterious history and motivations. Can an assassination game ever possibly have a happy ending?