KOR-FX is FUNded! Thanks For Your Support

Kor-fx Twitter Kickstarter 150 Ad


With your help, the KOR-FX Gaming Vest from our sister company Immerz is over 150% funded with 24 days to go.


The Kickstarter project was literally launched at the KOR-FX booth at E3 in South Hall. One of the gaming laptops in the booth was used to hit the “Launch” button.


KOR-FX got positive reviews from major sites like Polygon, The Verge, PC World, as well as multiple gaming sites and featured in the national broadcast of BBC’s “The Click” weekly tech show.


Check out the video review below from Lazygamer.


KOR-FX lets you feel every bullet and explosion. It gives you a competitive advantage. Pair it with an Oculus to get even more immersed in your games.


We’ve posted updates and gamer reaction videos from E3 on the KOR-FX Kickstarter page to check out. Click here!