KOR-FX Kickstarter Ends Tomorrow!

We interrupt your regular stream of our awesome anime news to give you an update on our sister company Immerz and their KOR-FX Kickstarter campaign.



You have till 4:39pm Eastern/1:39pm Pacific this Thursday (tomorrow) to pledge.


We recently attended ScrewAttack Gaming Convention and Immerz had a booth giving demos of the KOR-FX on PS4, Xbox One and on laptops.

We’ve got two reports. First one is a video interview from GamingWithScissors.com



Garrett Glass from TheKoalition.com wrote a review on his experience playing Counterstrike Source with KOR-FX

“It didn’t take long for me to feel the bullets seep into my chest cavity, swiftly snuffing out my MLG career; but I could tell by the intensity of the vibrations where bullets or explosions were happening in proximity of my virtual body. The device works by using the audio from your games and transforming it into feedback. This haptic output rumbles through your chest, which you can thankfully adjust to suit your gaming and comfort needs.”


If you want to experience your games in a new way, check out the Kickstarter page and pledge by clicking here.