A Certain Scientific Railgun S – Accelerator’s Whisper Caption Contest

EDIT: Contest is now over! Scroll to the bottom to see winning entries.


In A Certain Scientific Railgun S, Accelerator is the overpowered and deadly antagonist that our heroine Misaka tries to stop from killing her tens of thousands of clones, all created from a dark scientific experiment. His ridiculously overpowered abilities (featured in our previous scientific writeup, A Certain Scientific Analysis S) and sinister cackle are so iconic that they’ve even spawned an internet meme—Accelerator’s Whisper, an image macro based on his initial introduction.


In honor of the release of Railgun S Part 2, we’re running a caption contest for this famous scene! One grand prize winner and four runners up will receive a prize pack of Railgun merchandise!


Here are shots of the scene, with the original dialogue:


railgun accelerator


That’s a pretty creepy and tense scene! But we like to think that the gravity also kind of lends itself to some great parodies. Here are some we loved from around the Internet:


accelerator_3     accelerator_1 

Come up with your own silly caption! You can enter by replying to this blog post, or by responding on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #RailgunSContest. If you want to make your own, click here for a clean version of the image.


Entries must be submitted by August 3rd, and winners will be announced August 4th. No image editing is required. We’ll share our favorites! Please note that by submitting an entry, you give us permission to share it on our social media channels. Click here for complete rules.


Here’s what you can win:


Grand Prize:

railgun grand prize


Runner-up Prize:

railgun runner up


Remember to pre-order A Certain Scientific Railgun S Part 2 today! This set finishes off the Accelerator arc with a definitive ending—Index fans, you may remember this arc, but you’ve never seen it with this much emotion and explosive impact. Be sure to catch the real, full story of the Sisters Project, told from the point-of-view of Misaka, who’s at the center of it all. Also be sure to check out the next arc, an anime original about a brand new character, the adorable Gothic Lolita-clad Febrie!






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