Kick-Ass Anime Openings and Endings from Summer 2014

As many fans know, music is an important part of anime. An epic soundtrack can elevate the viewing experience when watching a series; and conversely, you may forgive a few weak plot points if the music is spot on. Each season brings new shows and that means new openings and endings! Take a look at some of the ones from this season below:



Tokyo Ghoul Opening Song
Song: Unravel
Performed by: TK from Ling Toshite Sigure


Reasons you’ll love it: TK is the vocalist and guitarist for the J-Rock band Ling Tosite Sigure. You may remember them from the opening theme for Psycho-Pass. The haunting vocals and progressive rock sound perfectly capture the intense feel of this show.

Tokyo Ghoul streams Thursdays at 12pm ET. Click here to watch episodes now.


Terror in Resonance – Opening Song
Song: Trigger
Performed by: Yuuki Ozaki


Reasons you’ll love it: Yoko Kanno. Need we say more? The opening theme song is composed by Kanno and performed by Galileo Galilei vocalist Yuuki Ozaki. The song’s gorgeous melody and arrangement set to the stunning imagery from the show lives up the the incredibly high standard we’ve come to expect from the team that brought you Cowboy Bebop.

Terror in Resonance streams Thursdays at 12:50pm ET. Click here for episodes.



Free! – Eternal Summer Ending Song
Performed by – STYLE FIVE


Reasons you’ll love it: The boys of summer are back! STYLE FIVE is the name of the band formed by the Japanese seiyuu of the main characters of Free! After the viral hit of last season’s ending song, SPLASH FREE, they’ve upped the tempo and added some cute professional outfits (Rin in a cop outfit, Rei as a scientist, Haru as a mermaid, etc).

Here’s your obligatory fan service.



Free! – Eternal Summer – streams Wednesdays at 11:30am ET. Click here for episodes.



Sengoku Basara – End of Judgement – Opening Song
Song: Thunderclap
Performed by: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


Reasons you’ll love it: “I’ve had so many jellos so far” Yes, that’s really one of the lyrics. It’s a strange mix of auto tune and screaming death metal. As odd as that sounds, and it’s pretty fitting for a psuedo-historical anime about war lords fighting with insane special attacks and horses that resemble motorcycles.

Sengoku Basara – End of Judgement streams Saturdays at 2:20pm ET. Click here for episodes.



Black Butler – Book of Circus – Opening Song
Song: Enamel
Performed by: SID


Reasons you’ll love it: How perfect a combination is SID and Black Butler? The style of this visual kei rock band is a great match for the gothic undertones of this series. The circus backdrop and colorful costumes make this season even more fun to watch.

Black Butler – Book of Circus streams Thursdays at 5:20pm ET. Click here for episodes.