FUNimation Website Navigation Updates

FUNimation recently updated its website navigation to better represent the services provided at The new navigation consists of Watch, Shop, News, & Simulcasts. update


Watch: The “Shows” and “Videos” sections have been merged and replaced with “Watch.” This tab contains all show, episode and movie content that can be streamed from the anime site. FUNimation Subscribers can WATCH full 1080 HD Anime streamed for as little as $0.15 per day.

Shop: This tab goes to our online store where physical DVDs, Blu-ray and Merchandise can be purchased. FUNimation’s Shop provides a standard 25% off suggested retail pricing for all products and often has specials that beat most Anime retailers.

News: Previously referred to as Blog. FUNimation continually keeps our fans up-to-date with the latest information about our titles, products and upcoming merchandise.

Simulcasts: Provides quick access to Anime content released sub-titled on our streaming platform right after the broadcasts in Japan. You can watch the latest shows online at


We believe that this updated navigation will provide easier access to the content and products that you are looking for. Please let us know your opinion.


We’ve also made some important changes to help make your viewing experience more enjoyable:


*   You can now sort Episodes on show sites to “From Beginning,” “From End,” and “Most Recent” to make finding videos easier.

*   There are now several ways you can add shows to your queue.

– Click on the + icon on the thumbnail of the video/show

– Click on the +Queue button on the show site

– Click on “Add to Queue” when you hover over the show title in the Shows category of the Watch tab