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It’s no secret that every month, we give you exclusive video content through the FUNimation Streaming Service before it hits Blu-ray or DVD. But this October, while everyone else may be asking, “Trick or Treat?” we’re saying, “Treat!”  Why? Because this month we’ve got more exclusive titles than usual coming your way! Take a look:


October Subscriber Exclusive Episodes





October 7th

BAYONETTA: Bloody Fate

The anime movie based on the hit game

HD Dub & Sub


This pulse-pounding feature length anime shows you a side of Bayonetta you’ve never seen before! Twenty years after her awakening, the hottest witch in gaming history is still searching for clues that could help unravel the mysteries of her dark past.


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Hellsing-Ultimate-246x300October 14th

Hellsing Ultimate 9 & 10

The final chapters of this epic series

HD Dub & Sub


Arucard awakens with his thirst for vengeance stronger than ever. This bloodthirsty monster unleashes everything in his mythical repertoire to show that his bite is far worse than an army of snarling Nazi werewolves. As Arucard soaks up every precious drop of blood in sight, all involved are struck by the realization that this ultimate slaughter may be too much for even the deadliest of demonic slayers. Find out which clandestine establishment asserts its dominance as this epic battle of the supernatural reaches its gloriously bloody end.


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October 14th

Fairy Tail – Season 5, Episodes 132 – 153

21 newly dubbed episodes of the fan favorite series

HD Dub & Sub


The most powerful wizards in the Fiore Kingdom are back as the hit series, Fairy Tail, continues! Join Natsu, Happy, and the rest of their teammates as they continue doing what they do best: beating up dark guilds and spreading destruction across the land.


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street fighter


October 21st

Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist

The complete live action series

HD Dub


Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist takes us back to the formative years of the iconic characters, Ryu and Ken, as they live a traditional warrior’s life in the secluded mountain wilderness of Japan.


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high school dxd new
October 28th

High School DxD New – Season 2

The complete, uncut series with extended episodes

HD Dub & Sub


Get ready for more Oppai Battle Entertainment in the scintillating second season of High School DxD! Fans of hardcore action spiked with a double dose of fan service won’t be able to pry their eyes off the devilish hotties waiting for them in Season Two!


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