Waggin' Ball Z: Battle of Pets Update – Cat's Meow

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The clash of furry titans continues! In our previous update, the dogs were fetching votes left and right to maintain their lead. Now, in an epic turn, the cats are pulling the strings in this fight and holding on to first place!


In honor of their current lead, let’s take a look at some of our favorites from Team DragonCatsZ on Twitter and Instagram! Thanks to  @masterkojiro@jirodreamsofcatnip, @hordesoflocust and @jonny5alas for these awesome entry votes! Click on the pictures below to see the original posts!



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And we cannot forget Team #DragonDogZ, who continue to fight valiantly! But can these pups overthrow the cats? Or will they be stuck chasing their own tails? Let’s take a look at some of our favorite entry votes from man’s best friend!



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Thanks to @brandon773201@moe8517, @alexisrae0920 and @Dawn_M_Bennett for the great pictures!



Vote now using #DragonDogZ or #DragonCatZ on Twitter or Instagram and you could win a sweet prize pack. Click here for contest details.


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